About Us

At Green City Living Co, we make it easy to switch from disposables to reusable, biodegradable, or eco-friendly products. Every small, eco-conscious change in our daily lives will collectively lead to a cleaner, greener, and healthier world. Oh and by the way... every time you place an order, one tree is planted!

Our products are made using sustainable & resable materials and are made to last years if they are taken care of correctly.  These products will not only save you money in the long-run, but will help the earth more by reducing the usage of single-use plastics. 

Happiness Guarenteed

Our customer service team is available 24/7 to ensure you have an amazing experience.

One Tree Planted

Every order plants a tree in an effort to reverse deforestation and reduce carbon emissions.

Carbon Neutral

All of our packages are shipped 100% carbon neutral thanks to our tree planting initiative.

Who is Green City Living Co?

Hi there! My name is Andie. I'm one of the cofounders of Green City Living Co. I've always had a passion for the environment and eco-friendly living. 

When I started looking to make some eco-friendly lifestyle changes, I was shocked to see that the prices were not budget-friendly. I wondered...how can we expect people to live more sustainably when the alternatives are not affordable for the average person (including myself). I knew there had to be a better way...and so Green City Living Co was born!

Green City Living Co is perfect for everyone, whether you're new to the eco-friendly world or you've been living sustainably for a while... you can find everything you need without sacrificing the quality or breaking the bank. Plastics and disposables are a thing of the past... let's leave em' where they belong! 

About Us!