The ULTIMATE Houseplant Guide

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Getting Started

~Choose the Right Plant~

First, you should decide where you'll want to place your new plant in your home. I would also suggest searching up some plants that suit your needs. For example, you might search "Best Houseplants for Beginners".

~Light and Location~

Next, try and match the space and the lighting in your home to the plant’s ideal conditions. You can find this out by asking someone at a plant shop or by googling the name of the plant you plan to purchase. Each plant requires a different type of lighting.

~Watering Schedule~

The key to keeping plants alive is learning how to read the soil. An easy rule to follow for most plants is to wait until the first inch of soil dries or becomes cracked and that’s typically a good indicator that your plant is ready for some water! Desert plants like cacti and succulents prefer to stay dry and only require a light misting every few weeks. I usually water my houseplants every week or week and a half.

How to Care for Your Plants


Check up on your plant~ does your plant need water? Dip the tip of your finger in the soil. When you remove your finger, there will either be wet dirt on your finger, or it will be completely clean and dry. If the soil is dry, it's time to water your plants! If not, do not water your plants. Plants tend to prefer less water rather than more.

Tip: This is also a great time to remove any withered, yellow, or browned leaves. Removing them will allow the plant to put more energy into the healthy parts of itself.


Use a soft cloth to dust the leaves of your plants. Our plants become filled with dust which can clog their pores, making it hard for them to soak up the sun. After you've wiped them down gently, this is a great time to give the leaves a light misting!

Remove any dead leaves and branches, trim long branches to give your plant a nice shape, and rotate or move your plant based on how it is responding to its current light conditions.

Tip: Instead of throwing away your leafy branches, propagate your cuttings!

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