The ULTIMATE Guide to a Zero-Waste & Non-Toxic Period!

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It's no secret that pads and tampons are harmful for the environment as well as our bodies.

There are toxic chemicals in tampons such as aluminum, alcohols, fragrance additives and hydrocarbons.

The good news is there is a zero waste, non-toxic way to go about your period. Check out our guide to a zero-waste period!


The Ultimate Guide to a Zero-Waste & Non-Toxic Period:


1. Menstrual Cup 

Menstrual cups are the classic zero-waste period swap. These are made from high-quality silicone, making them durable, reusable and ready to handle whatever! Some benefits of using a menstrual cup are that its less expensive over time than traditional tampons, its better for the environment, and its healthier! You don't have to worry about toxic shock syndrome or exposure to toxic chemicals. 


2. Reusable Period Pads

Reusable period pads are growing more and more popular. If you're not interested in using a cup or tampon, the reusable pad would be perfect for you! It's also great for bed time as backup..if you know what I mean. They're also washable so you can reuse them over and over again. 


3. Period Underwear

If you're a free flow type of person then these will be perfect for you! Period underwear are absorbent, washable, lightweight, and very comfortable. There are also a very recent addition to the zero waste period collection.

4. Organic Pads & Tampons

If you’re interested in adopting a zero waste period life, but aren’t quite ready to jump into reusables, there are still options that will be better for you and the environment compared to conventional period products. Organic pads and tampons contain little to no harmful chemicals since they are usually made from cotton but they are disposable and require a lot of resources to make. 


5. Reusable Tampon Applicator

Although it's not the most eco-friendly of all the options, it's still a great alternative to plastic, single-use tampons. If you're hesitant to switch to a cup, consider using a reusable applicator instead. 




  • Use cold water for protein-based stains, such as blood, because warm or hot water causes the protein to break up, making it harder to remove.

  • Always air dry your period reusables to give them a longer life.

  • If you are travelling, use a “wet bag” to keep your rinsed reusables in one place before laundry day. Look for one secondhand, usually listed with cloth diapering supplies.



    1. Use a Hot Water Bottle for Cramps 

    2. Have a Treat 

    3. Relax & Take It Easy

    4. Drink Ginger & Turmeric Tea


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