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During our sustainable journey, we came across a podcast called A Better Tomorrow. It's hosted by two lovely people- Thuha and Evelin, who are absolutely amazing! They have guest speakers on their podcast who share their stories about how they are changing the world! Their podcast is empowering, inspiring, and educational. Their goal is to encourage others to live a more sustainable life! 



Who are you and what is the purpose of the abettertomorrow podcast?


I am Evelin, I currently work as an accountant in Stockholm Swedish, and also serve as an ambassador for Schyst Resande. The main purpose of A Better tomorrow is to highlight people from all over the world who are being active in improving the environment. Our purpose is to make sure that our listeners are educated and learn more about how one can be sustainable. We want to show them that one does not need to do something completely advanced in order to achieve a more sustainable future.

I’m Thuha, I am currently an exchange student in Seoul, South Korea. I’m otherwise a master student in Sweden where I’m studying Tourism and Sustainability. As Evelin wrote, our main purpose with the podcast is to raise awareness to people about some of the current issues we’re facing but to show that there’s progress being made and that there are people out there that actually care about the planet and the people. We want to encourage others to follow suit and to show that sometimes all it takes are small changes in your life to become more sustainable.


What have you learned throughout the process of having your own podcast?


Evelin: I Personally have learned a lot through my speakers. It has encouraged me more to educate myself and to, step by step, change my ways. For example, being more conscious of food waste and what I eat in general. It has also been a good educational process for me as it has become a common conversation topic when friends because they ask me about the podcast, and they express that THEY want to change their habits and that they find our podcast inspirational.

Thuha: I would say that I’ve learned so much by just listening to our speakers and hear what they have to say and what they’ve done. Everything our speakers do is so inspiring to us and it motivates me to become a better person too.


Can you share some tips about meeting new speakers and your experiences with meeting new people through your podcast's platform?


Evelin: One tip I can share is to always be informed. Try to learn more about the topic and be honest with yourself on why you want a certain speaker to join the podcast. One tip I can share is to be professional and straight to the point on what your purpose is. And yeah sometimes you will receive declines, but do not lose hope. Just continue the search.

My experiences with meeting new people have been extremely positive. Our speakers tend to keep in touch with us and we certainly keep in touch with their current projects.

Thuha: Dare to ask! Sometimes it might feel scary to reach out to someone you’ve never spoken to, or you think they won’t reply for some reason, but just dare to do it! You’ll be surprised by how many people are on board with sharing their thoughts and ideas.


What's the most interesting thing you have learned throughout the process of having a podcast?


Evelin: My interview skills have improved. I am certainly shy when it comes to speaking with people that I never met before, but this podcast has sparked more confidence in me. And I do not know if it is because I love talking about sustainability, but I´m certainly grateful to be apart of this podcast because I feel like I have found my element somehow.

Thuha: Before starting a podcast, I thought you’d have to be some sort of professional or have all of this expensive equipment to even be able to call yourself a podcaster. But I think if you have a genuine interest and passion that you want to share, you shouldn’t worry about those things. It’s the message that counts at the end of the day.


Are there any final comments you would like to share with the Green City Living Co. community?


Evelin: I just want to say that if we all continue to work together, we can

change the world and give future generations the opportunity to live in a more sustainable environment. A Better Tomorrow can only be achieved if we start now; If we start today.

Thuha: Educate yourself, be critical, be aware, but also - be kind. Becoming sustainable is not a destination - it’s a lifelong journey where you’ll make mistakes, you’ll become frustrated at times, but the important thing is that you continue on this journey. We can achieve a better tomorrow, by starting with ourselves.

Want to learn more about the A Better Tomorrow podcast? Check out their podcast here!


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