How to Repurpose Everyday Household Items

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Instead of tossing things out when they're done, we can find ways to repurpose them! This way, there are fewer items going in the trash which means less waste on our Earth.


Here are some everyday household items that you can easily repurpose:

Cardboard Egg Carton

Cardboard egg cartons can be repurposed for many things. You can use them to package mini cupcakes or muffins, to organize small holiday ornaments, or to store small objects like jewelry or office supplies. Egg cartons also work well for gardening. Simply, cut up the egg carton so that it’s separated into different squares, which you can wet with water and place right into the ground—the wet carton is biodegradable!


Empty Tissue Box

Empty tissue boxes are great to keep around the house. You can use them to store plastic bags or as small trash bins for your desk, office space, car, or bathroom. You can also cut the tops off tissue boxes and use them as drawer dividers to separate the items in your dresser or kitchen drawers.


Old Shirts

Use your old shirts as cloths or rags, and make the sentimental ones into items you can keep in your home. If your favourite old t-shirt is ripping at the seams, sew it onto a pillow. If you have a bunch of old shirts that mean something to you, sew them into a quilt. Another great way to use old shirts is to dry your hair with them!


Old Shower Curtains

If you have old shower curtains that are no longer hanging up in your bathroom, use them as tablecloths when eating outdoors. You can also use them to cover the floor if you’re doing a project or painting.



Parmesan Cheese Shakers

A Parmesan cheese shaker is perfect for storing anything you might want to shake or sprinkle, like sprinkles, powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, baking soda, and so much more. The other side of the lid usually has a larger opening that will come in handy for storing small snacks!



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