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When it comes to clean shaving, nothing offers a smoother, more satisfying shave like a safety razor. The safety razor is designed to last you years, unlike disposable plastic razors.

Did you know that about 2 billion disposable razors are thrown away every year?

Safety razors are the perfect eco-friendly shaving solution for those who want to make sure that their self-care routine doesn’t hurt the planet, and they just so happen to be cheaper than disposable razors in the long run!

With one replaceable and recyclable blade in between two guards, safety razors are a zero waste shaving option that offers a smooth and clean shave.




Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Safety Razor:

The Benefits of a Safety Razor

1. Using a Safety Razor is Better for Your Skin

Safety razors are known for reducing shaving bumps and ingrown hairs because they use a single double-edge blade that doesn't tug or pull.

2. Using a Safety Razor will Save you Money

Safety razors will save you a fortune in disposable razors. The replacement blades for safety razors are very affordable.

3. Using a Safety Razor is Better for the Environment

As mentioned above, about 2 billion disposable razors are thrown away every year! The Safety Razor is the perfect environmental swap. Plus you can recycle the razor blades when they're dull. 

What to Know Before You Begin

The most important thing to remember is that, because the blade is so much sharper than those dull disposables, you don’t need to apply any pressure to the razor while shaving.

Preparing Your Skin

First, make sure to exfoliate the area you plan on shaving. The best way to go about doing this is to take a shower or bath. Scrub the area to remove any dead skin cells. One of the main causes behind ingrown hairs and razor bumps is a razor pushing dead skin cells into a pore, blocking the hair. Plus, when you let your skin soak in hot water, it helps open up those pores, making it easier to shave.

Apply your shaving lotion, cream, butter, gel, or whatever else you like to use. Find something that you like and feel comfortable with.

Shaving with the Safety Razor


Position the razor at a 20-30 degree angle to your skin and shave using short, gentle strokes. Let the weight of the razor do most of the work. Remember, with a safety razor you don't need to apply pressure.

If you notice any irritation whatsoever, consider shaving "with-the-grain", in the same direction that the hair grows. This will provide a much milder shave and achieve the same level of closeness - it just may take a few extra passes. Irritation may also be a sign that the skin and hair might require additional lather.

With the safety razor, make sure to shave just a few inches at a time, and take extra care going around your ankles and behind the knee. Remember to take your time, try not to do this as you’re running late in the morning - that never ends well.

It might take some getting used to but you'll become very comfortable using the safety razor in no time!

How to Replace the Blade on Your Safety Razor

Step One: Prepare

Remove the dull razor blade from your safety razor. Make sure your razor is clean and dry.

Step Two: Grab Replacement Blade

Take a new razor blade and remove the protective packaging.

Step Three: Add Your New Blade to the Safety Razor

Remove the base of the safety razor. Separate the two pieces that hold the razor blade and add a new blade. Put the two half of the safety razor back together and twist the base back on.

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