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Plastic toothbrushes are a significant contributor to our plastic waste problem.

According to Foreo's data, 1 billion toothbrushes are thrown away in the United States alone each year. This equates to 50 million pounds of garbage that usually ends up in our rivers and oceans.

Every toothbrush that has been made and used since the 1930s still exists today. Don't you think it's time to make a change?

Green City Living Co's Bamboo Electric Toothbrush uses replaceable heads made from bamboo. Each head takes around six months to decompose while a plastic toothbrush takes hundreds of years to fully break down.


The average person uses 300 toothbrush heads in their lifetime. Make sure yours are eco-friendly!

When it comes to brushing your teeth while being eco-friendly, nothing is better than our bamboo electric toothbrush! This electric bamboo toothbrush is designed to last you years!

Give your teeth a professional and eco-friendly clean with our innovative Bamboo Electric Toothbrush. Every Electric Toothbrush comes with 3 Bamboo Brush Heads and a USB charger. The brush heads are made from bamboo making them biodegradable and easy to dispose!

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Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Bamboo Electric Toothbrush:

The Benefits of the Bamboo Electric Toothbrush

1. More effective at removing plaque

2. Toothbrush heads are made of bamboo making them biodegradable

3. Electric toothbrush's are made to last you years saving you a fortune in the long-term

4. Electric brush comes with five brushing modes with three levels of intensity

5. The bamboo electric toothbrush does the work for you

Source: Bluebackdental



What You Need To Know About Our Electric Bamboo Toothbrush

  • Polishes, cleans and whitens teeth

  • Suitable for sensitive teeth and gums

  • Five brushing modes with three levels of intensity reaching up to 40,000 VPM

  • Three bamboo brush heads included (9 months use)

  • Each brush head lasts 10-12 weeks

  • Four hours charge for 30 days use

  • Five cleaning modes & two-minute timer

  • Sonic technology-enhanced brush

  • One USB charging cable included (for use with standard USB adapters)

Cleaning Modes

  • Clean: Your go-to for daily teeth cleaning.

  • White: Ideal to get a healthy smile & get rid of any surface staining.

  • Polish: Polish & whiten teeth using a lower frequency of vibrations.

  • Sensitive: Gentle on the teeth and gums.

  • Gum care: Ideally suited to those who have mild sensitivity in their gums.

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