6 Eco-Friendly Home Improvements That Will Save You Money

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Eco-friendly home renovations are a win-win situation. Who doesn't enjoy conserving both money and the environment?

The phrase "sustainable living projects" may conjure up pictures of solar panels and ornate terraced gardens. However, there are many easy and inexpensive improvements you can do at home to significantly reduce your energy use and carbon footprint.

In fact, the majority of these eco-friendly house upgrades are simple enough for DIY beginners to complete.


Here Are 8 Eco-Friendly Home Improvements That Will Save You Money:

1. Add Bidets to Every Toilets

There is a huge reduction in the amount of toilet paper required while using a bidet. Not only does it save you money by reducing toilet paper expenses by about 75%, but it also prevents the destruction of hundreds of trees for paper production.


2. Switch to LED Light Bulbs

LED bulbs are more energy-efficient and last three times as long as CFLs (25,000 hours vs. 8,000 hours). They also come in a wide variety of sizes, colours, and shapes. Lastly, they don't contain any toxic chemicals that need specific disposal once they burn out.


3. Upgrade to Energy Efficient Appliances

While Energy Star appliances are ideal, most recently produced models will consume far fewer resources because of advancements in design and construction. For instance, compared to the six gallons used by normal machines, an Energy Star dishwasher uses between 30 and 50% less water.

4. Invest in a Smart Thermostat

The typical homeowner does not constantly adjust their thermostat. Most individuals either "set and forget" a programme for an entire season or leave the temperature at the same setting for several weeks at a time.

By eliminating the need to manually adjust the temperature at the thermostat panel, smart thermostats conserve energy and money! To make modifications as simple as possible, they combine WiFi controls (through an app or smart home speaker) with geo-location. You never have to worry about putting the heat or air conditioning down when you leave the house regardless of whether you travel or have a variable schedule.


5. Install Solar Panels

Early in the 2000s, as household solar power became more and more popular, prices went through the roof. Fortunately, you may reduce the cost of your solar panels by taking advantage of a number of region-specific subsidies and programs. 

6. Create or Buy a Compost Bin

You can promote the natural decomposition of food waste by composting it. Composting transforms waste into a nutrient-rich mixture that fertilizes lawn soil and plants when combined with grass clippings, cardboard, tea bags, and other kinds of biodegradable waste.

The fewer items you discard in the trash, the fewer trash bags you will need to purchase. Additionally, you receive free fertilizer for your grass, veggie garden, and flower beds.

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