6 AFFORDABLE Eco-Friendly Swaps for Beginners

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Many people purchase single-use plastic products because they think that the change to a sustainable lifestyle is expensive and requires specialty products. The truth is that there are many easy and affordable swaps that you can make to do your part in helping the planet and living a more earth-friendly life. This is why we have come up with a list of six affordable and eco-friendly swaps for beginners.

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Here Are 6 Affordable Eco-Friendly Swaps for Beginners:

1. Portable Travel Mug

Our Portable Travel Mug is made of borosilicate glass and food-grade silicone, making it the perfect alternative for coffee cups from your local coffee shop. This reusable cup is non-toxic, plastic-free, stain resistant and will last you years to come!

2. Bamboo Interdental Flossers

These reusable interdental flossers are like mini toothbrushes that get into the tiny spaces between teeth and clean effectively right down to the gum line. These interdental floss brushes have extra durable bristles that deliver an amazing clean! They are the perfect alternative to plastic toothpicks that pollute our earth.

3. Reusable Bowl Covers

These breathable bowl covers are great for foods like fruit salad, cookies, cut veggies, bread dough, and so much more! They're great for storing leftovers and fresh food. Plus its much more eco-friendly and sustainable than aluminum foil or plastic wrap. 

4. Reusable Cotton Pads

Say goodbye to single-use cotton pads and the cotton bits they always seem to leave behind, and give your face the zero-waste care it deserves. Simple, sustainable, and super soft, these Bamboo Facial Pads are the perfect alternative to single-use cotton rounds. The best part is the double-sided design that features a plush velour side that gently glides across your skin and an ultra-soft terry cloth side that removes any dirt or makeup.

5. Gorgeous Safety Razor

Safety Razors will give you a close, gentle and silky smooth shave. Our eco-friendly razor will prevent razor burn, skin irritation, and ingrown hairs while saving plastic from entering our landfills. These are great for both men and women and are the perfect alternative to plastic razors! They come with twenty replacement blades to last you years to come.

6. Reusable Paperless Towels

Our Paperless Towels are an amazing swap for paper towels and napkins. They're the perfect hybrid between paper towels and your everyday dish towels. Paperless towels are super soft, absorbent, and become even more absorbent with every wash. These towels are the perfect solution for cleaning up spills, dusting, washing your car, cleaning appliances, and so much more.

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