5 Tips to Help You Eat More Sustainably

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Changing one's lifestyle to one that is more sustainable takes time. Slowly introducing improvements and finding a way to make them suit your needs, time, and money takes time.

What we eat has a big influence on the climate, from where and how it's produced to how it's cooked, and some of the changes are very basic. The Earth would benefit greatly if everyone was a little more conscientious of their food choices. So here are a few suggestions to help you get started on your journey.

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Here are Five Tips to Help You Eat More Sustainably:

1. Make Things From Scratch 

There are so many things you can make from scratch like yogurt, peanut butter, bread and salad dressing. It's usually healthier, saves you money and prevents plastic from entering the landfills. 

2. Reduce Your Meat, Poultry and Seafood Consumption 

These industries contribute huge amounts of carbon emissions each year. Shifting your diet to include more plant-based options is better for the environment and your overall health. 

3. Eat Seasonal & Locally-Grown Produce

If you just eat what's in season in your area, it's more likely to have been grown or processed locally and hasn't been stored in any way. This means it's more likely to be fresher, provide more nutrients, and be healthier for the world.

4. Preserve Your Food

There are so many easy ways to preserve your food such as making jams, pickling vegetables, and canning fruit. Not only is this sustainable but it's also helpful if there is ever an emergency. 

5. Compost Your Food Waste 

Composting your food waste is an excellent way to minimize waste in landfills, ensure proper waste breakdown, and an easy way to have excellent nutrients in your garden soil.

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