5 Tips for Starting Your Own Garden at Home + The Benefits of Growing Your Own Produce

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Starting your own garden can be one of the most rewarding things you can do! But, if you're new to gardening, it can be quite difficult to know where to start.

To get started, make yourself a step-by-step plan and break the garden project down into manageable steps so you can ease into it at your own pace. Soon enough, you will see the fruits of your labour (literally)!

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The Benefits of Growing Your Own Produce

  • Produce is more nutritious

  • Growing your own food allows you to have a diverse diet with healthy produce packed with vitamins

  • Allows you stay active and encourages you to be outside

  • Better for the environment

  • Save tons of money

  • You know what is used to grow your produce (no chemicals or pesticides)

  • It allows you to be self-sufficient

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Here Are 5 Tips for Starting Your Own Garden at Home:

1. Pick the Best Garden Spot

Almost all types of plants and flowers need about 8 hours of sunlight each day. The first step is to observe your yard and figure out which spots receive full amounts of sun, partial sun and the shady areas. If your yard doesn't get sunlight, find out which plants don't require sunlight and focus on growing those instead!

2. Plant Near Water

One of the best tips you can get for gardening is to plant your new garden near an available water source. Make sure you have access to a hose so you don't have to lug water to it each time your plants are thirsty. The best way to tell if your plant is in need of water is to push a finger an inch down into the soil. If it is dry, it's time to water the plants!

3. Plant Using Great Soil

When starting with gardening, one of the best things you can do is invest in soil that is high in nutrients, and is well-drained. There are many soil brands out there so we recommend doing your research to find the best one for your plants!

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4. Pick the Right Plants

It is incredibly important to choose plants that match your growing conditions. This means that if your yard receives lots of sunlight, plant sun-loving plants so they can grow to their full potential! Do your homework and pick varieties that will have an easy time growing where you live with the space you have.

5. Feed Your Plants Regularly

Soil works best with regular boosts of high-quality nutrition for your plants! This means that amazing soil + high-nutrient plant food = success for your garden. We would recommend that you start feeding the plants a month after planting them. Again, we want to mention that we recommend you do your own research to find the best food for your plants!

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