5 INCREDIBLE Ways Your Freezer Will Save Your Food

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Your freezer will become your new best friend when trying to reduce the amount of waste you produce. Why? You can pretty much store anything in there and it won't go bad.


Here are 5 INCREDIBLE Ways Your Freezer Will Save Your Food:

1. Make Homemade Veggie Stock

In a freezer bag, save your vegetable scraps such as carrots, celery, onions, garlic, and potatoes to make a stock (you can use peels or any part of the vegetable you would normally compost/toss). Once your bag is full, cook these scraps in a large stockpot with salt, peppercorns, and two bay leaves for up to 12 hours on low heat. Your homemade stock can be used for soups, pasta, and stews. Wash and reuse your freezer bag too!


2. Freeze Bread

Cut your bread into slices or cubes and store it in an air-tight bag or container. Take out a slice whenever you need it (defrost in the microwave or toaster) or use your leftover bread to make bread crumbs or bread pudding.


3. Freeze Garlic & Ginger

An easy way to store garlic and ginger in the freezer is by grating or mincing the garlic or ginger and then putting the minced garlic /ginger into an ice tray. Freeze the ice trays and pop out a cube of garlic or ginger whenever you need it!


4. Freeze Herbs

It's no secret that fresh herbs wilt easily. An easy alternative is to freeze your herbs together with butter or oil in ice cube trays. Once they are frozen, you can transfer it into freezer bags to store.


5. Freeze Lemon Juice

You can freeze lemon juice very easily! Simply, juice your lemons and add the juice to an ice cube tray. Freeze and use the juice whenever needed! You can also grate the lemon peel and freeze it in ice cube trays.


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