5 EASY Ways to Reduce Your Food Waste

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Wasting food is incredibly bad for so many reasons. It heavily contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases, wastes your money, and takes up space in landfills. Check out our list of six simple ways to waste less food in your home!

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Here Are 5 EASY Ways to Reduce Your Food Waste:

1. Put New Groceries in The Back of Fridge & Bring Your Old Ones to The Front 

Putting your new food items in the back of the fridge puts it behind the food that needs to get eaten first so it doesn't get wasted. This way you can easily see which food needs to be eaten first!


2. Keep Perishables Where You Can See Em'

Any food that goes bad quickly including fruits, veggies, bread, or leftovers should be kept in sight to easily remind you that it needs to be eaten before other items.


3. Use Clear Containers

Another easy way to remember which food needs to be eaten is to store the food in clear containers. This helps because many times we forget what we put in containers, but being able to see the food can remind you that you need to eat it before cooking something new!


4. Use Labels 

Using labels for food that are stored in glass jars and containers will help you stay organized and will reduce your food waste. This is great because it is an easy way to identify what type of foods are stored where. You can also add the expiry date to remember what needs to be eaten first. 


5. Audit Your Pantry

Doing an audit of your pantry once in a while can remind you of foods that have been hidden or tucked away that may need to be eaten before buying more food. We suggest doing this once a month or every two months.



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