5 EASY Ways to Live More Sustainably

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The current state of the Earth and the environment is growing worse over time. The sad truth is that us humans are mainly to blame. By doing your part and being more aware of your living habits and consumption, we may still have time to heal the Earth. 

Finding different ways to live more sustainably in our everyday life is the best way to start! This is why we have come up with a list of five simple and easy ways that you can start living more sustainably in your day-to-day life!


Here Are 5 Easy Ways to Be More Sustainable:

1. Compost your food scraps

Composting returns important nutrients to the soil to help maintain soil quality and fertility.

2. Re-purpose your empty glass jars

We love keeping our glass jars for many other purposes! This includes storing your supplies for your kitchen or office, using it as a soap dispenser or even making your own DIY candle. The possibilities are endless and they are great for repurposing.

3. When replacing kitchen utensils, purchase bamboo or silicone instead of plastic

Purchasing bamboo or silicone will not only help the planet, but will save you money in the long run since they last a much longer time! Plastic is not the future and you should try to replace it whenever possible.

4. Use newspaper or brown paper bags to wrap gifts instead of buying wrapping paper

This is a great way to repurpose newspapers or paper bags that were going to get thrown out anyways. You can search up a tutorial and see how easy it is to make a beautifully wrapped present without going out of your way to purchase wrapping paper.

Reusing brown paper bags as gift wrap is much more sustainable than buying new wrapping paper.

5. Use a bar of soap instead of liquid soap

Liquid soap normally comes in big plastic containers that can never decompose. There are many sustainable and eco-friendly soap bar brands that will have your skin feeling great plus they come in recyclable packaging.

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