4 Sustainable Staples for an Eco-Friendly Summer

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Summer is an amazing time of the year, filled with outdoor barbeques, fun activities, and so much more! Unfortunately, this usually means more waste. We have come up with a list of four sustainable staples to help you minimize your environmental impact this summer!

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Here are 4 Sustainable Staples for an Eco-Friendly Summer:

1. Apply Chemical-Free Sunscreen

Research and studies show that a common chemical used to produce most sunscreens contributes to the bleaching of coral, the killing of reefs, and ultimately destroying our ocean life. This is a great swap for the typical sunscreen brand to avoid the negative impacts it has on our oceans.


2. Reusable Water Bottle or Travel Mug

When you are out travelling, it is important to bring with you a reusable water bottle that you can refill wherever you go. This will eliminate the need to purchase plastic water bottles at the local convenience or grocery store. 


3. Bring your Reusable Straws with you

Not only are we filling our oceans with plastic water bottles, but we are also contributing to the global plastic issue by using plastic straws. These are very useful to have with you when you stop for drinks somewhere in the hot weather and is great for sipping on smoothies in the morning.

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4. Use Reusable Bags & Containers to Pack Your Picnic

Sitting on the beach, opening a refreshing drink, and enjoying the amazing weather sounds like an amazing way to take advantage of the summer. But, instead of using take-away boxes, aluminum foil and plastic containers, opt for some plastic-free alternatives including, beeswax food wrap, reusable food storage bags and a reusable bag to carry everything!

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