4 Simple Ways to Create a More Sustainable Kitchen

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It should come as no surprise that the kitchen is the area of our homes that produces the most waste. There are so many simple changes and eco-friendly swaps that you can incorporate into your routine to have a more sustainable and less wasteful kitchen. We have come up with a list of five easy ways that you can start to create an eco-friendly, zero waste kitchen today!

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1. Purchase food items in bulk

An amazing way to cut down on your household waste is to purchase seasonings and other dried foods from bulk shops. Simply bring your reusable food storage bags or glass jars to the bulk food store to restock on all your favourites.

2. Use reusable dish cloths or paperless towels

Reusable dish cloths and paperless towels are incredible. These eco-friendly swaps are reusable and will last you a very long time!

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3. Use beeswax wrap to replace saran wrap

Beeswax wrap is an amazing way to get rid of plastic-waste in your kitchen! Beeswax food wraps have antibacterial properties and can be easily cleaned after each use. They are perfect for storing lunches, leftovers, and anything else you might use plastic wrap or aluminum foil on.

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4. Use eco-friendly dish brushes

There are so many natural and biodegradable options that can replace your plastic and synthetic brushes and sponges. My favourite swap is this large dish brush with a replaceable dish brush head. It's great for hard to reach places.

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