4 Easy Tips for Becoming a Mindful Consumer!

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Being a mindful consumer means being aware of your actions and the way they can impact the planet, your community, and others on an individual level. In order to be a mindful consumer, you must deal with waste mindfully, be responsible for your shopping habits, and from time-to-time, reflect on the purchases you have made! We have made a list of four simple tips for becoming a more mindful consumer.


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Here are 4 Easy Tips for Becoming a Mindful Consumer: 

1. Only Purchase The Things That You Need

Items including food, clothing, and personal care products are necessities. Before you make a purchase, consider if you really need an item or if it's something that would be nice to have. You might be able to borrow something from a friend, make your own version at home or find something at a thrift store instead of buying new.


2. Choose Second-Hand Whenever Possible

Purchasing second-hand items will save you money and help the planet! Shopping at garage sales, consignment shops, thrift stores, and online resale websites are great ways to participate in your local sharing economy.

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3. Shop Locally to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Purchasing items locally is typically better for the environment because they don't need to be transported very far. Also, buying locally supports your community and helps small businesses thrive and succeed!

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4. Use Reusable Shopping Bags to Hold Your Items

Plastic and paper bags use the earth's resources and it is best to avoid using them since they're only good for one or two uses. Carry reusable shopping bags with you while you're out shopping! It will also help to reduce the clutter of plastic and paper bags.

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