4 DELICIOUS Plant-Based Milk Alternatives + Their Benefits

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Plant-based milks have been becoming more popular in the past decade, but for centuries, various different cultures have consumed plant milks for a variety of reasons!

Whether it is for their nutritional value, lower environmental impact, animal welfare reasons or simply out of preference, there are so many great plant-based milks to try! Check out our four FAVOURITE plant-based milk alternatives.

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Here Are 4 DELICIOUS Vegan Milk Alternatives:

1. Hemp Milk

This amazing milk is highly nutritious and is loaded with proteins as well as healthy fats! Not to mention, it has more protein and healthy fats than most other popular plant-based milks such as rice milk and almond milk. Many people report that hemp milk tastes as creamy as dairy milk and has a nutty, slightly sweet flavour to it.


2. Rice Milk

Rice milk is much less likely to cause any sort of food allergies compared to any other plant-based milks mainly because it is gluten and nut-free. It is naturally sweet and is rich in taste. Plus it can be used for cooking and baking! In addition, rice milk is extremely low in calories and has very little protein and fat. Since it is a rather thin milk, it is less suitable for coffee and is better for cooking and baking.


3. Oat Milk

Oat milk is one of the more popular plant-based milks because it is naturally sweeter than other plant milks. It has a consistency similar to low-fat milk and contains a moderate amount of calories. Oat milk also has much more protein than other plant-based milks! Oat milk is great to use when baking and cooking. It's also perfect for coffee and tea. 

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4. Coconut Milk

This milk is extremely similar to skim milk in terms of its nutrition and calories! It is rich in iron, potassium, zinc, and magnesium. Coconut milk is high in saturated fats and is recommended to be consumed in moderation. It is also ideal for cooking dishes including curries, soups, and pasta because of its smooth consistency and great flavour!



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