10 Ways to Use Leftovers to Reduce Food Waste- Part Two

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Food waste is a huge contributor to climate change and pollution. By reducing food waste in your home, you're actually helping the planet stay greener and cleaner. Back by popular demand, here are ten more easy ways to use leftovers to reduce food waste.

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Here are 10 Ways to Use Leftovers to Reduce Food Waste [Part Two]:

1. Turn Fruit into Jam

Fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries would make a delicious jam or compote for waffles/pancakes!


2. Egg Shells for Plant Fertilizer

Check out our egg shell plant fertilizer recipe and the benefits



3. Cold Coffee

Acid-loving plants like azaleas and magnolias adore a good drink of cold coffee now and then. You can also make these Cold Brew Coffee Brownies.



4. Leftover Vegetables

You can pickle just about everything so grab a mason jar, your cutting board and some vinegar and get to pickling. 



5. Casserole

Toss leftovers in a casserole dish, top with cheese or bread crumbs, and bake. You can also add a can of cream soup, gravy, or another sauce if you need more liquid.


6. Pasta

Pasta is such an easy way to throw together any leftover ingredients.


7. Quesadillas

This is such an easy meal that anyone can throw together quickly!



8. Fried Rice

Fried rice is an amazing way to use up leftover vegetables and rice.



9. Salad

Salads are the ultimate empty your fridge meal. Throw whatever you've got in a bowl, make some dressing and voila. 



10. Quiche 

These are so fun and easy to make especially when experimenting with new flavours. 



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  • Lisa D on

    Wonderful ideas, We freeze our fruits and bake with them

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